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Meet Steve ,

a small Builder looking to promote his homes.

Steve uses Home Rewards as an inexpensive way to get his homes in front of Real Estate Agents and their Buyers.

Steve only builds a dozen homes a year.  He doesn't have a marketing department or budget.  He wanted a marketing program with the biggest impact for least amount of money.  Mobile is where everyone is, inlcuding Buyers, so focusing there made sense.


He chose to market his homes on the Home Rewards Platform where he only pays for results.  Similar to the Google "Pay per Click" advertising that he's done in the past.  


The flexiblity of the Home Rewards platform allowed him to use incentives only where he needed it.

Two of Steve's homes were marketing as "Silver", and the three other homes, he 

chose to market as "Gold".  All of the homes were marketed to Agents and Buyers on the mobile platform, but the "Gold" designation gave Buyers an extra incentive to make sure they visited those homes.  Steve was able to set varying rewards for each of his "Gold" designated homes.  He set a Standard Reward amount and also chose a Bonus Reward amount, if the Buyer bought his home within 14 days of their first visit.

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