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Our Story

Entrepreneur.  Mobile.  Real Estate.

About our Business

Home Rewards is an advanced mobile marketing solution for Builders and Real Estate Agents, offering modern methods to help incentivize traffic and win more sales.


We've noticed a continued shift in consumer attention into the mobile space, and it seems the Building industry has been slow to react.  We believe with conviction that Builders who continue with traditional marketing methods, will not be as effective as those who embrace the power of new technologies that have just become available.
In 2016, Randy Jordan conceptualized a platform that would allow Builders and Agents to deploy an easy and effective mobile strategy. Our goal is to bring mobile solutions to Builders and Realtors in an effort to increase their bottom line.  We accomplish our goal by having a complete understanding of the industry, and using our platform with new technologies, to overcome common obstacles. 





About our People

We are a small, tight-knit group of web designers, programmers, and marketing pros.  We've developed partnerships with companies that span the globe and sourced local talent right here in our backyard of Chartlotte, N.C. 
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