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What is

Home Rewards

A digital mobile marketing hub for Builders that includes a suite of tools to automate registration, incentivize more traffic through rewards and expand your social footprint.   An real time dashboard gives real time feeback and provides timely sales intelligence on prospective buyers to help win the deal.

Traditional Builder Marketing needs a boost

Agents and Buyers are tuning out old-school marketing promotions and gimmicks that say the same thing from different builders, using the same marketing channels.

Tired messages 

get drowned out

Direct Mail that never gets opened

The show stopping Appliance Package 

Don't bore Buyers, Attract and Engage them

Add the Home Rewards mobile platform to your existing sales and marketing strategy, to spice up the way you target Agents and Buyers.  Capture their attention with the Home Rewards mobile app and the plaftorm will keep them engaged, giving you the best opportuntiy to win the sale.



Buyer Data

Real Estate Agents and Buyers use the Free Home Rewards App to find builders, get deals and earn rewards.

Keep Buyers engaged by communicating directly with their mobile phone.  Unique model home entry messages, your special promotions, and more.

Home Rewards at a glance

Automatic registrations and sales information on the Buyers shopping activity in real time, all organized into online reports accessible to Builder Management and their Agents 24/7.

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