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Start rewarding your Clients today

....It's Free 

See the difference Home Rewards can make for your Clients and your business.  No hassle.  No reason not to.

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Automatic Registrations: You will be registered the minute your client walks into the model, with or without you.  
No more risk or confusion on commissions.
Client Reports:
  • Want to know who your Buyer visited when you were'nt with them?
  • Want to see what Builder or community they "Liked" on social media channels?
  • Keep track of their Home Rewards and how much in extra options they could get when they purchase with a Home Rewards Builder.

Benefits for Agents:

Rewards: The app allows your clients to earn points for a variety of actions which can be redeemed for extra options when purchasing. Collecting points is easy and in most cases, automatic.  Your client just has to have the Home Rewards App.

It's Automatic: After you download the app to your phone, you don’t need to do anything but walk in the door. Participating community model homes have been wired to connect with the app automatically.

Socially Connected: Show the builder some love when you “like” their community and get rewarded for doing it.

Door Prizes: Builders really want your Clients to visit their communities. Many Builders offer door prizes just for walking in! (Yes, no purchase necessary).

Special Promotions: Builders will promote unique and tailored specials only on the app.

Find Builders: We help you find Builders who are in your Clients price point and offer the greatest rewards.

Benefits for your Clients:

You will only realize what Home Rewards can do for you if you give it a try.  No Cost.  No Obligation.  No Risk.  Try it!

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