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Accept Home Rewards.  Sell More Homes.

Incetntivize Buyers to think New Homes first.

Offer Rewards

Our Rewards program is one of the foundations of the Home Rewards mobile platform.  It incentivises traffic to communities where Buyers are automatially rewarded with points just for walking in the door.  Points are redeemed for extra Builder options at the time of purchase.  This is our main Buyers to to your communities and into your models.

Standard Rewards

Rewards are optional and can vary in amounts in each of your communities.  Use it in communites that you need an an additional push.

Bonus Rewards

Create urgency with our Bonus Reward feature.  An amount set along side your standard reward, this Reward is an extra incentive if the Buyer buys your home within a certain time from their first visit.

Door Prizes

The Home Rewards App will give your Clients a gift card to favorite retailers just for walking in the door (Yes, no purchase necessary).

Gift Card for Clients

Everyone loves Free stuff.  Desgined as part of our overall incentivized platform for Clients, it helps to set you apart from your competitors.

Free to the Builder

Your Builder Reps will sign up their traffic to the Home Rewards platform for Free and be able to offer a gift card to Client at no extra expense to the Builder.

Rewards based Map

Your Builder content and community location information is displayed on the map, with special attention brought to the communities that offer rewards.

Agents. Agents. Agents

New Communities

Do you have a community that is on the other side of nohwere and you need the attention of Real Estate Agents to get Buyers there?  Offer Rewards, and an insane short term Bonus Reward.

Got a community with slow traffic?  Try increasing the rewards and get Buyers to notice.

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