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See the Home Rewards difference with problems Builders face today.

From attracting Traffic to closing sales, our platform uses modern approaches to enhance and better your building business. 




Model Traffic 



How can the Home Rewards platform work for you?

The #1 problem Builders face today is the constant grind to feed traffic to your communities and model homes.  Using the same old tired methods are loosing their luster

General Traffic

Go where the cutstomers are...their mobile phones.  We've developed an enticing rewards program to attract Real Estate Agents and Buyers right to your door step.  Buyers will be singing "I get paid to shop for a New Home on my Free Home Rewards App", and you'll be singing all the way to the closing table with more sales from increased traffic.




Problem Scenerio


Home Rewards Solution


It's a busy Saturday and your Sales Rep is busy sitting down with clients trying to close a deal and can't pull away to spend time with new traffic leads coming in.   A Realtor and client come in the door, and they take a quick spin through the model and slip out the door without a filling out a registration. 

We're setting the new standard in client registrations....Automation.  Real Estate Agents will be trained that Home Rewards is the new way to autmatically register their client.  When the Agent or Client walk in the door, you and your Sales Rep will have registration data and analytics on where they've been before visiting your model. 

Real Estate


You have a few communites that are new. Your Sales Rep's are stuffing mail boxes at the local real estate offices, but that doesn't seem to be paying off in your Co-Broke traffic or sales numbers. This has a compounding effect as activity in these communities is non-existent, making sales tougher to close.

Home Rewards is THE NEW HOME APP for Agents.  It's job is to promote and generate excitement for builders.  It's an adveristing platform, it's a traffic generator, it's a promoter, and your community is the Main Event!  It's everything a new community needs to get the word out.  Specifically, the App has a "Deals" tab where Builders share new events directly to Buyers mobile phones.  You can also tailor specific rewards for new communities that need a little extra boost.


You've done your homework.  You've selected the right product line, you're priced right, you're visible to drive-by traffic, and you've got a competent Sales Agent staffing the model.  Then why are'nt you selling?  Why are your conversions off?  Where is the traffic buying?  What are you missing?  

One of the ways that makes our platform a game changer for Builders is our abiltiy to collect Buyer Data.  You're going to know in real time what other Builders your prospects have visited, how many times, and for what length of time.  You're going to know what they thought about you, and what they thought about other Builders.   You're going to have some very powerful information at your finger tips that will give you insights to help you win the deal.



One of your competitors is well positioned around the corner.  No matter what type and how many signs your put up, they still out pace you 2 to 1 on traffic.  Also, the Sales Rep in the competitors model is good, very good.  Because she sees most of the area traffic first, she gracefully and subtly points out reasons not to visit you....and sometimes it works.

Our advanced platform collects oodles of Buyer location data and uses that data in timely methods to help our partner Builders.  When these Buyers visit your competitors community, they will be notified with a warning that this Builder does not accept Home Rewards, and will populate your location with directions, prompting them to visit you instead.  This won't thwart everyone from visiting the competitor, but it will certainly plant the seed and help to ensure a visit to your community.

Learn more how we specifically help you

Top 3 reasons Why should you employ Home Rewards?

Home Rewards is 100% Results Driven.  You don't pay a dime until we deliver results.  No Risk.  High Reward.

You have a mobile website, but NO mobile strategy.  Target and reach Buyers directly on their mobile phones.

You don't have to have to participate , but many of your competitors will, and they will have access to data that has never been available, until now.


Love it

Are you ready to give it a whirl?

Got more questions?  Let's chat about it.  Give us a call and talk to a Home Rewards specialist.




Would you like to learn more about Home Reward with a live Demo.  Call or send us your contact details and we'll set up a time.



Seen enough and want to get started with a 1 Year FREE Trial.  Great.  Drop us some information and we'll get you set up right away.

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