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Builder Focused Mobile Marketing 

Target Buyers on their mobile phones and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Proximity Marketing

Enhance your clients model home experience through our micro-location devices, allowing you to communicate your unique messages throughout the model.  

A Guided Experience

Each device is pocket sized, unobtrusive and can blend into the background of any physical space. Your buyers will truly be amazed by the intuitive experiences and interactions with your context aware model home.

Great for Inventory  Homes

Let's face it.  Your Sales Rep will not accompany every client through an inventory home.  Deploy our devices throughout the home, and you can communicate the points you want to make.

Highlight Your Features

Highlight your features and sell your options.  Your included features help to sell your home, and upgrades make you additional profit on the sale.  Reinforce your message with direct messages on the clients phone!

Model Home Entry Messaging

Get off to the perfect start with a tailored greeting as soon as the client walks in.  

Make Every Visit Matter

You get one shot at making a good first impression.  This feature will help.  Along with the unique community message, they will get notified that they've earned points and if it's their first visit to the Builder, a FREE gift card.

Buyers who "Like" your Home or Community are:










The Benefits of "Likes"

We offer Home Rewards Buyers the chance to earn points whenever they "Like" a Builder's Community or Model Home.  This "Like" leads to an average of 200+ views from that Buyer Fan's Friends.

Promotional Messages

Send your important anouncements, promotions, and special incentives directly to every potential Buyer on the Home Rewards Platform, currently looking for a home.

New Community Grand Openings

Timely Monthly Specials 

Community Close-out Specials

Position your communitiy content on the only mobile marketing platform for New Home Builders.

Get Found

Builders and their communities will be displayed on the map, along with their offered rewards.

Agents and Buyers Find you

Geo-Targeted Traffic Leads

We pull traffic out of non-participating Builder's Communities and direct them to yours. 

Steal Traffic from your competitors

When a potential home buyer enters into a competing neighborhood, that does not participate in Home Rewards, we will send the Buyer a notification warning that this Builder does not offer Rewards, and give them directions to participating communities within the area that offer Rewards and a Free gift card just for stopping in.

Why Mobile Marketing Matters

Home Rewards is the only New Home focused platform that offers Builders a window into the one device that matters most to people.  In todays market, Builders need to be including mobile as part of their overall marketing and sales strategy.  The Home Rewards platform can help you do just that.


  • Promote your content on the only New Home App marketed specifically to Agents and Buyers

  • Promote yourself on a New Home only mobile map with GPS directions directly to your communities

  • Communicate your message directly to potential Buyer's mobile phone

  • Communicate proximity information as a client walks by your model home features

  • Make a good first impressioin by communicating your greeting as potential Buyers enter your model homes.

  • Be the beneficiary as we target and pull traffic out of non-participating Builders communities and direct them to your communities

Home Rewards will make a difference.  Give us a Try.

Call to speak with Home Rewards Specialist                                     704-277-8888

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